Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Contact Information

    What’s your email address?

    You can reach our to us by

    What’s your shipping address?

    We are based in Austin, Texas and our postal address is:

    Zelda & Harley Pet Boutique

    9600 Escarpment Blvd

    Suite #745-110




    If you do need to return a parcel or make an exchange, please contact us via email before sending us your products, as your return may not be accepted otherwise.

    Questions About my Order

    Can I cancel or change my order?

    We aim to process all orders as soon as possible, between 24-48 hours of it being placed. For that reason, we may not be able to accommodate your cancelation or change. However, please email us as soon as possible at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    If you order has been sent before you contact us, we can change your order based on our Returns and Exchanges policy.

    What is your Returns policy?


    We accept returns within 30days. We recommend trying your products indoors, and making sure your returns are unused, unwashed, and with no signs of use or wear and tear, so it can be accepted.


    We are unfortunately unable to accept exchanges due to the possibility of our products selling out. To guarantee that you receive your desired item/size/colour, please place a new order for this item and complete the return process to return the original item.

    More information on it can be found here.

    I haven’t received my order yet?

    Before contacting us, please ensure you have allowed sufficient time for your order to arrive.

    Domestic deliveries range from between 1-10 days (remote deliveries may be longer) and international deliveries can take between 5-25 days.

    Our shipment is usuallysent via USPS, and are tracked. You can check your tracking with the shipping information sent to you via email.

    If your order is going to an international destination, once the parcel is scanned into the destination country, you will more than likely be able to use the same tracking number on your local postal carriers website to track your order.

    If you feel your order has been unnecessarily delayed please contact us by email and we will investigate further.

    Please note that investigations into delays can take between 5-60 days to be completed by our postal carriers, and unfortunately any delays are outside of Zelda & Harley’s control.

    I received an incorrect item.

    We sincerely apologise that you received the incorrect item. 

    If any items you receive are incorrect, please email within 5 days of receipt of order to notify us. 

    Please be sure to include your order number, the incorrect item received and what the correct item should be.

    If the item that you didn't receive is unfortunately unavailable as it has sold out, we can offer to replace it with a different item of the same value or process a refund.

    Sizing and Harness Fit:

    Where can I find your Size Charts?

    Each of our products have the correspondent chart on a drop down menu before the size selection. Please ensure you check the size calculator or the size chart for each different style of harnesses, as they have a different fit.

    Our current harness styles are: adjustable, adventure, step-in, and reversible.

    Our size guide for human apparel can also be found as a drop down menu in each corresponding product.

    Are all harness styles the same size?

    No, all harness styles have different fit, therefore they each have their own size chart. 

    Please ensure you check our Size Calculator or Size Chart for each different style (for example an Adventure harness will be different to an Adjustable harness)

    My harness doesn’t fit, what do I do?

    We encourage using the Size Calculator and the Size Chart, to ensure your harness fits as recommended by us, before your purchase. This is not always 100% accurate, but before contacting us, please try these steps first:

    For an Adjustable Style harness, ensure your harness logo is on the chest area as shown on the product photos for each harness.

    For any harness: please check if the adjustable straps are adjusted accordingly.

    If they are still too small after you checked it, you can contact us at and we can arrange a return. You can also email us with any sizing questions.

    Social Media

    What are your social media handles?

    You can find us on most social media platforms. Our main ones are:

    Instagram: @zelda.and.harley

    Facebook: @zelda.and.harley

    Facebook Group: Zelda & Harley Community

    TikTok: @zeldaandharley

    Feel free to tag us on your socials for a chance to be featured, and don’t forget to include #zeldaandharley.

    If your question is in relation to your order, shipping, returns or exchanges, or anything important, please contact us via email at Our email is monitored on a regular basis.

    How can we apply to become a Brand Ambassador for Zelda & Harley?

    We are delighted to hear you are interested in joining our team! 

    This is a question we regularly receive. Currently, we are not looking to add any new brand ambassadors to our team.

    However, do keep an eye on our socials, as we advertise when we are looking.

    Can you sponsor my Giveaway?

    This is another question we receive almost on a daily basis.

    As a small business, we are unable to participate in many giveaways, or offer free products or vouchers for your giveaway. We apologise for this, and please do not be offended if we don’t reply to your inquiry.

    Can you send me free products to share and review on my social media?

    As a small business, we are unable to give out free products or samples for you to post on your social media platform.

    However, we would love your honest feedback from any purchase you do make, and appreciate you supporting small businesses.

    Product Care

    Can I wash my harness, collar and leash?

    Yes! Our products can be washed on a gentle and cold cycle. We offer Mesh Wash Bags, that you can pop in your item, and keep them and the washing machine safe during cycles.

    You can find the mesh bag here.

    Do not tumble dry, but hang them to dry outside of direct sunlight after the wash, and they will be as good as new.

    Product Warranty

    Warranty Information

    Zelda & Harley products are made from high quality and durable materials, however they are not indestructible. We guarantee our pet wear and accessories at the time of purchase against material defects and workmanship.

    If you experience a problem with any of our products, please send an email to with details and a photo of the issue.

    Any warranty claims must be received within 60 days of purchase, otherwise we are unable to replace any items.

    Please ensure that you inspect all items for wear prior to use.

    Our warranty/guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage caused by your dog such as chewing on the products.  Any claims after 60 days may not be valid, as the damage may be considered normal wear and tear.

    We are unable to take responsibility for any injury or loss caused by the use or misuse of our products.