About Us

Penelope Di Palma, founder of Zelda & Harley

We're a woman founded business focused on empowering Dog Mums to live their happiest lives!

Welcome to the Zelda & Harley | The Dog Mum Store!

My name is Penelope, that's me 👆🏼! I started this business during the pandemic in 2021, making dog bandanas and pet tags from my kitchen table and spare bedroom.

I have two little dogs, Zelda and Harley, that mean the world to me! I’m sure many of you will relate. I love spending time with them, planning fun trips, walks, holidays and activities together. I want them to have the best life possible, and for all of us to have a great time together as a family.

I started designing harnesses as I wanted them to reflect all the fun things we can do together, and match with them at the same time! After all, who doesn’t like matchy matchy! Our designs are made in house and are unique, you won’t find them anywhere unless on another Dog Mum who is living her best life adventuring with her dog, which is what our brand is all about!

We use sustainable packaging to help our environment, and support dogs in need during the month of September, on our “Sheltember” initiative.

Our values as a business are:

  • Lead with kindness, always
  • Nurture a sense of belonging by helping everyone feel valued and included
  • Caring for each other and our beloved pets
  • Having fun and making the most out of life

With Love,

Penelope 💕


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