Dog Mom vs Dog Mum: Which Title is the Pawsome-est?

Dog Mom vs Dog Mum: Which Title is the Pawsome-est?

Hi all,

We've being noodling on which title we prefer, Dog Mom or Dog Mum?!

Are you a proud pet parent and can't wait to show it off to the world? Well, hold your horses (or should we say dogs?) because the first decision you need to make is choosing the purrfect title for yourself - "Dog Mom" or "Dog Mum"?

"Dog Mom" is the title for the cool cat (err, dog) mom who wants to bark about their love for their furry friend. It's sassy, playful, and pawsitively paw-some!

"Dog Mum", on the other hand, is the title for the sophisticated pup parent who wants to meow (we mean, show) their love in a more regal manner. It's refined, elegant, and simply dog-gone gorgeous!

But here's the tail (yep, we're going there!) - no matter which title you choose, you're still a pawsitively loving pet parent! Whether you're a "Dog Mom" or a "Dog Mum", the love you have for your four-legged friend is what truly matters. So let's give a big woof (or should we say "cheers"?) to all the pet parents out there, no matter what title they choose!

Choosing between "Dog Mom" or "Dog Mum" is all about personal preference. So pick the one that makes your tail wag and let the world know just how paw-some you and your furry friend are!

We tend to use them both interchangeably. I call my Mum....Mum, but I sorta like how Dog Mom looks with the double O & O!


Penelope x

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