New Pawrent Promise

    At Zelda & Harley we believe in making memories with your dog. This means that we want you to continue to enjoy the product you and your dog love so much after they grow up to be an adult.

    Once your puppy outgrows their harness and/or collar, our New Pawrent Promise has got you covered! Within 10 months from your purchase, you will be able to exchange your puppy harness or collar to a larger size for 50% off!

    Our only ask: that you donate your puppy harness to local shelters so it can continue to be loved and create memories.

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    How does it work?

    If you would like to avail of our New Pawrent Promise, you can add either the harness, collar, or both to your order at the time of purchase, making it eligible for an exchange when your pup is ready.

    When the time comes, contact us at to start the process and check availability of the design.

    Will I be able to exchange it for a different pattern or style?

    What happens if the same design is sold out?

    If the same design is no longer in stock, you will be able to select a different one of the same style harness. Style meaning the harness type, such as Adjustable or Adventure, and pattern meaning the design.

    What sizes can I exchange it to?

    You can exchange it to sizes larger than your first harness, not smaller or the same.

    How many times can I change my puppy harness?

    After your puppy outgrows the first harness purchased, you will be able to exchange it once. No further exchanges/returns will be accepted.

    What if my order contains multiple items, or I want to cover multiple items?

    If your order has multiple items, for example 2 collars and 2 harnesses, and you only purchase 1 harness Promise, only one of them will be eligible for exchange. If you would like to cover all items in this order, you would need to add 2 collars and 2 harnesses from the New Pawrent Promise.

    What happens if I didn’t add it to my order, but my dog outgrew their harness or collar and I’d like to avail of it?

    Only orders with the New Pawrent Promise added to their order at the time of purchase will be eligible for the exchange. However, feel free to contact us to discuss options at

    Is this refundable?

    The New Pawrent Promise is not refundable, however, if for any reason you do not wish to avail of it, we are able to issue a store credit for the same amount.

    What’s not included on this Promise?

    Any exchanges due to chewing or damage to the product. It only covers puppy growth.

    New Pawrent Promise T&C

    Zelda & Harley reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and may terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of this Promise. Please check our terms and conditions for the latest information about this Promise.

    In case it is discontinued or changed, Zelda & Harley will hold any agreements made at the time of purchase of the plan. Customers can be rest assured that once they sign up for the New Pawrent Promise, their product will be exchanged as agreed.