About Us

We're a female founded business based in Austin, Texas.

Hi there!

My name is Penelope and I live in Austin, Texas.

I always wanted to start my own business and I love art and drawing so I decided to start designing cute dog harnesses and dog products.

I grew up in an amazing city called Vila Velha, in Brazil, always surrounded by family and pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, fish...). I then moved to Ireland many years ago, and my passion for pets followed me. This passion is why I started the Zelda & Harley brand!

The brand is named after my lovely little dogs, who are both Cavachons (Cavalier King Charles with Bichon Frise), and are the best little models. Watch out for them throughout our site!

Zelda joined our household in 2019 and Harley in 2021, making us a family of four. A house is not a home without pets, right?

I believe in leading with kindness, the power of positivity and that everyone on this earth can be amazing given the right support and encouragement.

I design all of our products myself. We hope you like them as much as I enjoy designing them!! 

With Love,