Medium Dogs 🐾

This collection has been curated for Medium Dogs weighing between 24bs to 29lbs. Our Medium Dog friends have the choice of our Adjustable Harness so they feel comfortable and have the most perfect fit, our Adventure Harness which has reflective lining and safety features such as a handle on the back and lockable buckle, our Step in Harness for Medium Dogs that don't like things going over their head or our reversible harness so your Medium dog always has a fun new look to wear!


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20 products

  • Adventure Harness

    Sizing: From 5lbs to 100lbs

    Key Benefit: Has a lockable buckle, reflective lining for night walking and handle on back so your Medium Dog is extra secure. Has front ring for No Pull training. Also has reflective lining for night walking

  • No Pull Adjustable Harness

    Sizing: From 3lbs to 42lbs

    Key Benefit: Both neck and chest are adjustable to achieve the perfect fit. Has front ring for No Pull training

  • Reversible Harness

    Sizing: From 4lbs to 33lbs

    Key Benefit: You can reverse this harness so your Medium Dog can wear different patterns on different days!

  • Step In Harness

    Sizing: From 3lbs to 29lbs

    Key Benefit: Your Medium Dog doesn't need to put their head through this harness and can step into it

What size is your Medium Dog in each of our harness styles?

Medium Dog Harness Size Calculators

Adventure Dog Harness

No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness

Reversible Dog Harness

Step In Dog Harness

Suitable For Medium Breeds:

Cocker Spaniel-American, Irish Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Vizsla, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Skye Terrier