Why is Dog Harness Sizing So Difficult?....Solution, our Sizing Calculator!

    Hi all,

    Why is Dog Harness Sizing so difficult?

    Anytime I tried to buy a harness over the years it took so much effort and way too much time! 

    Does anyone really know their dog's chest and neck measurements?

    It just so happens that I know a few data whizz kids and I asked them to create me a machine learning model to solve for this problem.

    Our solution....the Zelda & Harley Sizing Calculator! With our calculator all you need to add is your dog's weight and tell us if their body is regular like a Labrador or broad like a Corgi! (Don't you love those wiggle butts?!)

    aaannnddddd ta dah...our trusty calculator recommends a harness size for your dog!

    Our calculator is specific to the harness you're interested in. If it's a Step In, Adjustable or Adventure....our calculator will do the hard work for you!

    The Calculator is available on our product pages.

    Oh, while I'm on this topic. We guarantee hassle free returns...so if our calculator gets it wrong, no problemo. We'll get the correct size out to you!

    That's all for now friends!




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