Adventure Harness Launch!

    Adventure Harness Launch!

    Hi Furrends!

    On Monday May 30 we launched our new Taco Chewsday Adventure Harness!

    I grew up around large German Shepards and have been feeling guilty that many of our harnesses didn't fit larger dogs. I talked to so many people that wanted some fun patterns for their large dogs in a suitable size but could never find any.

    With this in mind we created the Zelda & Harley Adventure Harness! This harness has sizes for the smallest of dogs from 6 lbs (XS) all the way up to the largest 100 lbs (XL) dogs.

    This harness is perfect for walks in your neighborhood, hikes up mountains, runs on the beach, plays in the water or hanging out with friends at a picnic!

    It comes complete with a handle on the back to lift your dog into the car or can be used to help them swim. 

    The Adventure Harness also has a front clip for Dogs who like to pull and need a little no pull training. 

    We shared the launch video below on Instagram! I love when our products go from a drawing to a physical product!

    Best Wishes!

    Penelope 💕

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