What type of harness is best for a dog?

    What type of harness is best for a dog?

    At Zelda & Harley we manufacture and design three types of dog harness, 1. No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness 2. Adventure Dog Harness 3. Step In Dog Harness. Each harness has it's own features and benefits that are useful depending on the type and temperament of dog.

    Here's a breakdown of the key benefits of each dog harness to help you choose a harness which is most suitable for your dog.

    1. No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness

    Our No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness is perfect for both a growing puppy and an adult dog.

    • Both the neck and chest straps are adjustable to cater for your dogs proportions and ensure a perfect fit.
    • The Adjustable straps are also great for puppies so you get a longer use time from the harness. The harness can grow as your puppy grows!
    • Each harness has both a front and back D Ring to help train your dog not to pull on the leash. Attaching your leash to the front ring changes the rotational feeling of the leash which encourages your dog to be more thoughtful about how they're walking. This plus a nice treat as a reward for not pulling is the start of the journey for your dog being more settled during their walks

    2. Adventure Harness

    The Zelda & Harley Adventure Dog Harness is the ultimate activity dog harness. It's perfect for hiking, walking or socializing and fits dogs all the way up to 100lbs.

    • Reflective Lining for Night Walking so your dog can be seen in the dark
    • Handle on the back so you can lift your dog
    • Lockable buckle so your dog is extra secure
    • Front and back leash clips so you can train your dog not to pull if needed
    • Dog can be put on the dog without going over their head for dogs that don't enjoy the over the head sensation
    • The Adventure harness is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for your dog

    3. Step In Harness

    Our step in harnesses are designed with our dog friends in mind who are less keen on harnesses going over their head.

    • Perfect for the smallest of dogs and puppies
    • Step In feature means that the dog harness doesn't need to go over your dog's head
    • Double secure with velcro and a buckle
    • Reflective Lining for Night Walking so your dog can be seen in the dark

    All Zelda & Harley harnesses are designed with you and your dog on mind. We design our harnesses to be fun and vibrant so both you and your dog are looking your best and are ready for and occasion!

    Hopefully this post is helpful in helping you choose which type of dog harness is best for your dog!

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