Zelda & Harley's First Anniversary

    We Turned One And Celebrated In Style!

    Saturday marked our One Year Anniversary at Zelda & Harley!

    It's amazing to reflect back on how far we've come in such a short period of time. Zelda & Harley was born at my kitchen table during Covid as a way to keep myself busy, my mental health positive and doing what I enjoy!

    I started by making stylish Covid masks on a super inexpensive sowing machine and progressed to dog bandanas, dog waste bag holders and resin dog tags. This was after my painting fad! 😂

    We launched our website with one dog harness, a few bandanas and a couple of handmade resin tags. I was so excited when I heard the cha ching sound coming from the Shopify App for our first sale. Today we have about 20 dog harnesses in multiple styles, a range of dog & Dog Mom products, and a business that serves both Ireland and USA! Thanks Suzanne for GM'ing our Irish store! 🙌

    My absolute favorite thing about starting this business is the friends that I've made. I'm so appreciate of all the Zelda & Harley Dog Moms who keep me entertained on a day to day basis. Our friendship means so much to me! 💕 Thank you! 🥰

    We don't really do discount sales but we made an exception on Saturday, it was really important to me to say thank you to all our Dog Mom friends who have been so kind to us over the last year. I hope everyone managed to get something that makes their dog happy! Give your fluff a big hug from me! 🤗

    Check out our Instagram reel below, that was our first website at the start and was a labor of love! We kept the purple! 💜



    I've spent this weekend dreaming about the future, about what could be and how we can contribute to more joy, kindness and happiness in the world. We've got some big ideas friends....let's see if we can make them happen! 😬 We promise you all of our effort, all of the time.

    Check out our 1st Birthday Giveaway on Instagram if you have a moment! I'm looking forward to drawing two winners next week! 🤞

    With Love,

    Penelope, Zelda & Harley 🐶🐕💕


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