Training your Dog not to Pull on the Leash

    Training your Dog not to Pull on the Leash

     Zelda loves to pull! Especially when she's excited or in a new place.

    We have a variety of dog harnesses that have a front D ring. The front D ring can be highly effective in training dogs who like to pull.

    The best approach is to attach the leash to the front ring when your dog is pulling. The rotational force provided by the leash attached to the front D ring will feel different to your dog and they'll be more thoughtful about their movements as they walk.

    When there's slack on the leash reward your dog with a treat and lots of praise. Your dog will associate the slack with being a positive behavior. After some time slowly transition back to the D ring on the spine of the harness and repeat treat and praise when your dog walks with slack on the leash. If your dogs pulls, stop, wait for your dog to check in with you and settle and then walk forward. Treat and praise when there's slack, stop if not.

    From our video you'll see the difference of the back v front D ring on Zelda...she loves to pull when she's excited and this method is effective in helping her be calm and enjoy her walk. 

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